A short warning about Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries can be dangerous when misused or shorted. This can lead to the battery rupturing or leaking and may cause damage to property or personal harm.  Please be careful when using high discharge batteries and low resistance situations.

Below are some short videos to help explain the mods. The first one illustrates the basic principle of installing the batteries into the Detonator mods and adjustment of the 510 connection as well as some key things to be aware of for safety. 

Old Hob

Over Under Mod.

The Nebula Arca mods

The Pandora

Important things to know about the Detonator.

The Duke and some safety points about the design.

The newer style exotic wood Boxpipes.

The Octo-Steamtube.

The older style Boxpipes.

The older style Boxpipes.